Seal your Holiday with Seal Safety

As most of you may know there is a viral video of the little girl that was grabbed off of a Steveston dock in Richmond as seen in the viral video that is currently circulating the internet.

We have the privilege of owning a kayak and sailboat and are facing the Burrard Inlet. We live symbiotically with the local wildlife. There is a log boom within the Burrard Inlet inhabited by local harbour seals.
Kayaking or sailing close to them brings much enjoyment. They are a part of our landscape & they do sun themselves on our neighbour’s dock. These creatures bring their own fascination. However, as shown in the video they need to be treated with tremendous respect as they are strong mammals and injury can happen on rare occasions.
We highly recommend taking these suggestions into account to continue a respectful distance and admiration for their wonder.  Here are a few tips to practice seal safety:

1) Do not feed harbour seals. They do not need to become reliant on us. They are hunters and they need to learn to gather their meals to remain fit for the wild.
2) Do not stand too close to the edge of a dock as they can lunge & hoist their bodies onto docks.
3) Do not make a lot of sound. You are observing them in their home. You do not need to cause them distress.
4) If someone is mistaken for a fish don’t just record the interaction. Jump in.
5) Don’t wear clothes that make you look like a fish. 😉

Granted some of this may seem straightforward, yet sometimes we get ahead of ourselves. If you want to watch these beautiful local beings at a safe distance, we highly recommend taking a boat tour with Burrard Inlet Boating Tour Packages. This is a great local company that we highly recommend.

If you plan to book an adventure with them, let Mitch know we recommended you.

Enjoy Port Moody and all the fauna & flora it has to offer.

Your Host,

Mary Ellen

Seal Sighting on a Neighbour’s Dock

I feel a little bit like Steve Irwin reporting this but we would like to share a 2014 wildlife sighting with you.
Every summer one favourite activity for Mainstay Oasis is kayaking over to what we fondly refer to as the seal boom. In case you are wondering, it is a log boom where harvested trees, in log form are stock piled for processing by the sawmill. Our local wildlife on the Burrard Inlet just love it.  It is a water park for various local wildlife species including herons, seals, otters, seagulls and more. At certain parts of the afternoon you will find the seals sunbathing on the logs, fishing in and around them or watching over their young bob of seals.
This year, we have been in for a treat seal sighting.  A neighbouring dock to ours, became the choice resting spot to a large harbor seal. We can only assume she is a pregnant as she decided to get away from the bob across the way from the log boom.  It’s more attractive on our side of the inlet anyway.

Based on the seal’s size and her desire to be alone, we suspect she is ready to give birth any day.  We captured some footage of this adventurous creature.  You just never know what other wildlife you will see.  This seal sighting could surface while eating breakfast at our B&B right on the Burrard Inlet here in Port Moody.
Until next time, have a wonderful day!
Your Port Moody Host,
Mary Ellen