Port Moody Oktoberfest

Cheers to a good Fall ahead.  We’re excited to announce with the rise in the popularity of Port Moody Brewery Lane, there is a great Port Moody Oktoberfest event happening over at Newport Village just to give you more choice in your beer connoisseur palate.

This coming weekend as well as the weekend after there are two back to back jam packed weekends sure to bring fun for everyone.  To get your tickets to this local fun Tri City event visit:

To responsibly visit our local Rocky Point Brewery Lane we highly encourage enlisting the help of Canadian Craft Tours.  They take you to local vineyards and breweries in various districts at your own leisure and you also get a safe ride while you do it.


For more fun events in the area stay tuned and visit our events page to stay on top of what’s happening in and around Port Moody Oktoberfest.

Please enjoy touring responsibly and if you choose to drink, find a safe ride home.

Your local Port Moody Host

Mary Ellen

Port Moody Summer Update


Let’s catch up on the High Season we’ve been experiencing.  First we want to thank everyone for choosing Mainstay Oasis.  You have enjoyed one of our unique cozy rooms, shared in an interesting exchange at the breakfast table or soaked in solitude by the waterfront.

This year has been a hot one.  So hot in fact, there was an article about a local Vancouverite who has been cultivating a banana tree for the past three years and it finally produced this year.  What does that say about the kind of season we have had?  Tropical trees like our Magnolia and Windmill Palm have soaked in the sun and flourished. It was something else, that’s for sure.

From far and wide we saw many visitors from the UK, France, Winnipeg Quebec and all sorts of places throughout the US.

Lots of our visitors created special memories over local weddings, family reunions — it would seem we have a mini baby boom in the area with grandparents visiting their new bundles of joy.  On a side note, any returning guests when booking online will receive a reduction.  Just mention the date of your previous stay in the Comments box when using WebReserve and we will adjust your payment balance upon arrival.

We continue to strive to offer the best service we can to those visiting the Port Moody area. We proudly  announce that along with being part of BC’s Innkeepers Guild, BC Tourism, we were also featured in the notable magazine Edible Vancouver’s BC Wine Touring Travel Kit for 2017.

From one of our guests go into labour while out for dinner to a bear watching tour with some lovely European guests, life is full and never dull at Mainstay Oasis.  Much appreciation for sharing your adventures with us.
We always look forward to updates from our guests so drop us a line or stop in for a coffee.

Your Port Moody Host,

Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen Hagglund

A New Go: The Evergreen Line

December 2nd, new commuters boarded the EVERGREEN Translink skytrains, for the first time.  A floral bouquet was presented to the first lady traveller to exit at the Inlet Center Station in Port Moody. This long awaited transportation expansion brought praise for the Grand Opening that now provides a continuous train from Vancouver Community College Vancouver to Douglas College in Coquitlam which includes 2 major shopping malls enroute.
The Lower Mainland Skytrain is the longest fully automated mass transit line in the world.

You can travel from the YVR airport via skytrain and arrive within minutes of Mainstay Oasis B&B which is helpful for people coming for a visit to the GVRD.
Buskers & musicians made this opening very lively & created a festive atmosphere for all opening day passengers.

In addition, to the music filtering through the platforms, were the local art pieces installed at the Port Moody Center Station featuring a beautiful red Canoe carved by local students in dedication to an aboriginal theme.

IMG_6934(1)IMG_6936(1)The Aboriginal artists are featured throughout the Evergreen stations. There is a sculpture of a serpent named Sisuitl at Inlet station where the Westcoast Express and the skytrain meet. At the Inlet Station you can enjoy a decorative mosaic.

A portion of the train goes through a tunnel otherwise all the track is above ground.  All in all, the Evergreen Line Expansion’s popularity has increased immensely as in December we have experienced winter weather in all its fullness. Our favourite new feature to the line is that it announces how far away the train by displaying it on the screen overhead.
We welcome the expansion as a major transportation advantage to Port Moody and the other Tri-Cities.
Happy Holidays!

From Mary Ellen and her team

A Day in the Life of Burrard Inlet Explorers

How do you normally explore Burrard Inlet?  Have you considered the history of how Captain Vancouver scoured the coastline to settle the GVRD?  Did you know that Port Moody was an initial settlement area for the captain during his initial journeys up the coast?

Well, all of this you can find in the epic historical coffee table book on the 100th anniversary archive of our fair city.  We have a copy on a coffee table or two here at the bed and breakfast for you to peruse.

Instead of being arm chair travelers and recommend all things great to do in the area, we decided to go explore the open waters of the Burrard Inlet and do what we read about.

Tour with Burrard Inlet Tours.  Email us for groups of 8 or more to book and get picked up at the end of our dock for a glorious day of fun on the water.


So our captain picked us up at the end of the dock and proceeded to give us a very thorough and knowledgeable tour of the seal booms, a research centre for sea lions, and all sorts of surprises along the water ways that our fair city is built around.

We managed to get to great look out points for the picturesque waterfalls along Indian Arm.  Our guide was well versed in a lot of the history and folklore that permeates the area.


Our favourite little lookout was a stop along an island where we were shown ancient symbols from the first nations in the area who sent their boys on treks along the islands.  Researchers are still trying to recreate the original dyes from the symbols on the rocks and have yet to discover the secret sauce of natural ingredients.  The years of wear and tear have not washed away the dyes which is quite impressive.

The question remains in our minds, if they got it on, what did they use to get that early graffiti off of their hands if they accidentally spilled something?

The things you learn when you decide to get out of your arm chair and explore your very own backyard/front yard.  There is so much to see and do around here.  Stop in and we would love to send some recommendations.

Also, note, if you wish to choose a package for exploration along the Burrard Inlet, rates are subject to change based on availability, numbers and seasons.



Until next adventure, your host and explorer,

Mary Ellen

Ribfest: Behold the Feast at RibFest

Summer.  The season for outdoor concerts, live music, ice cream, craft beer sampling and all sorts of ‘fun in the sun’.  Relish the Barbecue season at Rocky Point Park and a delicious sample of good ol’ fashion homemadeRocky Point Ice Creamery for both you and your pooch. Or swing by another savoury choice, Pajos outdoor fish stand and order fresh fish and chips.  Indoors book a spot overlooking the Burrard Inlet on the patio at the Boathouse. All of the above will leave lasting reminders of a Port Moody summer.
More recent memories to add to your local fun are the summer concert series every Sunday from 1-3 pm.

Tacked on to the live music is a more recent tradition that we scouted out which has become an all time overnight sensation which is RIBFEST.  For those of you not so familiar, Port Moody has joined the Rib Food Truck Competition circuit.  Award winning food trucks: Gator Barbecue, Boss Hog’s, Smoke and Bones, & Prairie Smoke and Spice dazzled the TriCities when they rolled into town July 23rd to 25th for the 2nd annual Port Moody Rib Fest to tantalize the local’s taste buds.  And boy did they smolder, smoke and deliver.From traditional, yummy cornbread and coleslaw to new kettle chips. You were not disappointed.

Pint of beer on a table in a pub garden, copy space, close-up, macro

The trick to the system, was to gain access to the beer garden.  With the fairly new staple across the street from Rocky Point – the brewery row, (See our review of our tour on the local brew pubs) you could sample beer while you waited for your ribs to arrive. The weather, the live music and the ambience were immensely enjoyed.  Four food trucks offered half and full rack options that ranged from $15 to $17.
Nothing but utter deliciousness! Our favourite was the Boss Hogs. (Look it up). We ran into our friends on the trail on our walk around the Burred Inlet. The trails are scenic and it solved the parking challenge at Rocky Point during the summer.  Going GREEN was a good choice.
Boss Hogs
A huge extended warm thank you to all the volunteers and the Port Moody Rotary Club that helped make the 2nd annual Rib Festival a great success.  We can hardly wait for the 3rd annual RibFest to roll into town.  We would be more than happy to host you while you’re here.
Until next time,
Your Host,

Red Chair Travels Port Moody

A humble red porch chair has become a traveling icon throughout North America. It began in 2012 in New England featuring RED CHAIR with scenic poses in the background from East to South & now the North Coast. These photos were done by Innkeepers & B&Bs with the intent of focusing on the unique experiences highlighted in cities across America. Bedandbreakfast.com is promoting this project so hop on board and follow the trails of redchairtravels.com

Mainstay Oasis Bed and Breakfast hosted RED CHAIR in December inside our B&B in Port Moody & outside on our water front property. Red Chair Travels Port Moody visited the Arts Centre, Train Sculpture outside City Hall, Port Moody Station Museum, the Moody Bay mudflats.  Time to #ExploreBC.

Photos were taken of the nearby Buntzen Lake Beach, & rainforest trails.

Happiness is Red @ Mainstay Oasis

Christmas Carol Ships Show at the Mainstay B&B 2015

It’s that time of year once again! We are now opening pre-bookings for the annual Port Moody Christmas Carol Ships Parade.  This local gem is a Christmas mainstay feature on the Burrard Inlet.  We stoke the fire side hearth, put on some mulled beverages and welcome guests wanting to partake in this yearly tradition.

On the night of the parade, a long processional of local boat owners showcase their vessels by decking their crafts with every light pattern imaginable. They skim through the waters effortlessly with echos of guests aboard boisterously singing their hearts out and enjoying the festive evening.  Think of it as a Christmas light viewing —- only the show comes to you.

The schedule:

8 to 10 pm in the evening the Christmas Carol Ships Parade in Burrard Inlet Port Moody. We gather, munch on gourmet goodies and mingle over festive tunes. Inquire about our Room and ‘Show’ Rates.

Dates This Year?

     Sat. December 5th and Sat. December 12th

CLICK HERE to book your room & show night with breakfast in the morning.  If you are interested in joining us just for the party, express your interest to: harbor@mainstayoasis.com.

Happy Holidays, Feliz Navida, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah!

Your Host,

Mary Ellen Hagglund

Port Moody Carol Ships Special

Port Moody Hot Tubbing

Over the Halloween weekend we just got our first snowfall.  Hooray!  Soon it will be bringing in a fresh batch of travelers seeking to enjoy our local mountain resorts at Seymour mountain, Cypress, Grouse Mountain.  We know how lovely it is to be able to relax by the pool during the summer months after a long day of seeing the sights.  So in lieu of a hot weather relax during the cooler months, we thought it would be beneficial to have the option of a hot tub for our guests to relax in upon their return from camping trips and hitting the slopes. Whether it be a trek out into our great outdoors into the liquid sunshine or snow flurries we have a warm place to experience the best of the inlet for those of you who enjoy a good Port Moody Hot Tubbing experience!

This great addition pairs well with our wine and cheese platters that are available with your room booking.  If this is something that interests you, we can have the hot tub and bubbly ready and waiting upon your next visit.  We look forward to your arrival in town.

Your Port Moody Host,

Mary Ellen

Mainstay Hot Tub

Mainstay Hot Tub



Local Events

There are all sorts of cultural events swirling the wharf in Burrard Inlet this year.  Whether you’re planning for a girls night out or fun for the whole family, Port Moody has something for everyone with the local events.

There are plenty of things to do to celebrate the upcoming BC Day to commemorate the history of Captain Moody along the water ways.  Whether it’s a free swim, a hike around our beautiful area, an outdoor concert or perusing the local farmer’s market, Port Moody is sure to bustle with activity.  For more details on 4 Ways You Can Celebrate BC Day article, check out theV3H.com, your online source for all things Port Moody.

As for gathering up your ladies, it’s time for a night out on the town.  Girls Night Out, presented by the Port Moody Arts Centre, features henna art, local comedians and Bollywood themes including dancing. It is sure to be a blast for you and your group of ladies.  For more details or to reserve tickets visit Eventbrite.ca.


Happy Commonwealth Day!!!

Happy Commonwealth Day!!!
We at Mainstay Oasis Port Moody B&B are shouting out our celebration of this day. We reside in British Columbia, Canada, a member of the commonwealth.
Did you know that in total 2.2 billion people comprise the commonwealth.  That’s roughly 25% of the world’s entire population.
Canada is part of one of the 16 Commonwealth Realms meaning that the Queen of England reigns over these 16 nations as a common figure head.
Canada is where the first Commonwealth Games were held in 1930, in Hamilton Ontario.
Did you know?
The Governor General is an appointed head of state that oversees the Canadian Federal Parliament on behalf of the the Queen of England.
Invitation to Mainstay Oasis High Tea in Port Moody:
You’re invited to experience a British High Tea with traditional scones, savoury dainties, British cheeses and so much more. For parties of 10 or more, ask about specials, fixed menu options and any special dietary requests. 3-or more days are required in advance for reservations. Come enjoy this piece of British Tea Time!
Thank the Commonwealth for this lovely tradition.