Shower With Flowers

20160925_123803~2_resized 20170109_184035~3_resizedWith spring right around the corner and celebrations such as anniversaries, birthdays, and honeymoon stays on the rise, we have collaborated with a local florist, Arlene Wiebe to bring you a welcome bouquet upon arrival. She truly has an eye for the art of floral design.

If you plan a designer flower bouquet by Inlet Floral Designs, let us know ahead of your stay so we can flower you for the right occasion and get in touch with Arlene. 20161208_081520~2_resized

A little about Arlene:

Her floral arranging services the Tri-Cities and the Greater Vancouver area. She has a background in drawing and painting as well as a diploma as a trained Florist to help put that finesse into your bouquet.


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