Port Moody Wedding

Wedding Bookings:

We have specials for guests that are coming into town for Old Orchard Hall weddings and bridal parties who prefer a stay close to the venue.

Old Orchard Weddings

Photo Courtesy of the Talented Natalia Reardon Photography

From preparing for your big day in our Honeymoon suite to saying your 'I do's' to the soothing sounds of the tide, to sailing off into the sunset from our dock -- Mainstay Oasis is your place to rest your head before the BIG DAY!  Especially if your wedding venue is in the Tri Cities and especially if it's in Port Moody.

Our property is also available for professional photography on the waterfront! Inquiries welcome.  Bridal shower tea parties and bridal guest accommodations are welcome!

Email or phone us to keep calm and wedding on!