Peachy Keen Confessions

Okay…so apparently I have a secret.  But it’s not a well kept secret, it’s just one that apparently got out recently. It’s something that I am apparently quite good at but always thought was quite easy.  And it’s canning.  I suppose I am one of the Port Moody Peach Canning Aficionados. It’s apparent that it’s a lost art form and we are after all, the city of the arts.  Also, note, the reviews are in, that my peaches are better than store bought.  Between taking new bookings and ordering new pillows and making breakfast for all you lovelies that drop into Port Moody throughout the summer months each year, I try to get the annual canned peaches done.


One of my kids’ friend’s recently almost cried with joy when she popped in for a swim to find out that I went a little over board last season and still had some left over for her to take home and enjoy.  I tend to send a few jars home with my kids and this particular roommate of my daughter can’t get enough of my canned peaches.  That’s right…It’s my canned peaches.

From day one as a kid mom taught me how to do it but I canned and process them, it comes naturally to me from having done it for so many years.  I am arriving at the realization that this is becoming a bit of a lost art form but people tell me, there is nothing like my canned peaches.  Not quite sure what makes mine any better than anyone’s, but I kind of suspect it’s just my magic touch.  Just like my holiday stuffing recipe that I have never actually used a real recipe for for years.  Eyeball all your measurements and with a dash of love and care, it always seems to end up tasting the same no matter if you alter the overall recipe.

Love your peaches and they’ll love you back.   I suspect that is the magic right there.  And also the aging process.  But I try and try again to explain it to my daughter who just asks me to do it.  Some day she’ll have to figure it out.  Until then, I guess I’ll have to be her peach supplier.

If you’re extra lucky, I might serve some up to you in your breakfast fruit parfait.  It’s such a delight to have things fresher. Fresher and local.  Like really local…like in house local. 😀

Your host,
~ Mary Ellen ~

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