Local Port Moody Business Involved in Shoreline Cleanliness Initiative

Pacific Coast Terminals (PCT)

The local Pacific Coast Terminals is a major sponsor of the local Port Moody Ecological Society (PMES) and their annual Fingerling Festival. This helps with efforts to keep our Burrard Inlet shoreline pristine in support of the local ecosystem in the shoreline cleanliness initiative.

Find a few known facts below about the PCT that may interest those visiting Port Moody:

  • It was established in 1960 in Port Moody and becoming the first bulk terminal on the west coast.
  • PCT is currently going through a $200 million dollar expansion.
  • Over the years PCT has invested over $90 million in terminal improvements for environmental protection.
  • This includes water recycling initiatives, dust suppression initiatives and noise reduction systems.

For more on the Pacific Coast Terminals and their involvement in the community visit: http://pct.ca/

Stay tuned for the PCT’s Grand Opening to the public in 2018!

Your Port Moody Host,

Mary Ellen

A New Go: The Evergreen Line

December 2nd, new commuters boarded the EVERGREEN Translink skytrains, for the first time.  A floral bouquet was presented to the first lady traveller to exit at the Inlet Center Station in Port Moody. This long awaited transportation expansion brought praise for the Grand Opening that now provides a continuous train from Vancouver Community College Vancouver to Douglas College in Coquitlam which includes 2 major shopping malls enroute.
The Lower Mainland Skytrain is the longest fully automated mass transit line in the world.

You can travel from the YVR airport via skytrain and arrive within minutes of Mainstay Oasis B&B which is helpful for people coming for a visit to the GVRD.
Buskers & musicians made this opening very lively & created a festive atmosphere for all opening day passengers.

In addition, to the music filtering through the platforms, were the local art pieces installed at the Port Moody Center Station featuring a beautiful red Canoe carved by local students in dedication to an aboriginal theme.

IMG_6934(1)IMG_6936(1)The Aboriginal artists are featured throughout the Evergreen stations. There is a sculpture of a serpent named Sisuitl at Inlet station where the Westcoast Express and the skytrain meet. At the Inlet Station you can enjoy a decorative mosaic.

A portion of the train goes through a tunnel otherwise all the track is above ground.  All in all, the Evergreen Line Expansion’s popularity has increased immensely as in December we have experienced winter weather in all its fullness. Our favourite new feature to the line is that it announces how far away the train by displaying it on the screen overhead.
We welcome the expansion as a major transportation advantage to Port Moody and the other Tri-Cities.
Happy Holidays!

From Mary Ellen and her team

A Day in the Life of Burrard Inlet Explorers

How do you normally explore Burrard Inlet?  Have you considered the history of how Captain Vancouver scoured the coastline to settle the GVRD?  Did you know that Port Moody was an initial settlement area for the captain during his initial journeys up the coast?

Well, all of this you can find in the epic historical coffee table book on the 100th anniversary archive of our fair city.  We have a copy on a coffee table or two here at the bed and breakfast for you to peruse.

Instead of being arm chair travelers and recommend all things great to do in the area, we decided to go explore the open waters of the Burrard Inlet and do what we read about.

Tour with Burrard Inlet Tours.  Email us for groups of 8 or more to book and get picked up at the end of our dock for a glorious day of fun on the water.


So our captain picked us up at the end of the dock and proceeded to give us a very thorough and knowledgeable tour of the seal booms, a research centre for sea lions, and all sorts of surprises along the water ways that our fair city is built around.

We managed to get to great look out points for the picturesque waterfalls along Indian Arm.  Our guide was well versed in a lot of the history and folklore that permeates the area.


Our favourite little lookout was a stop along an island where we were shown ancient symbols from the first nations in the area who sent their boys on treks along the islands.  Researchers are still trying to recreate the original dyes from the symbols on the rocks and have yet to discover the secret sauce of natural ingredients.  The years of wear and tear have not washed away the dyes which is quite impressive.

The question remains in our minds, if they got it on, what did they use to get that early graffiti off of their hands if they accidentally spilled something?

The things you learn when you decide to get out of your arm chair and explore your very own backyard/front yard.  There is so much to see and do around here.  Stop in and we would love to send some recommendations.

Also, note, if you wish to choose a package for exploration along the Burrard Inlet, rates are subject to change based on availability, numbers and seasons.



Until next adventure, your host and explorer,

Mary Ellen

Ribfest: Behold the Feast at RibFest

Summer.  The season for outdoor concerts, live music, ice cream, craft beer sampling and all sorts of ‘fun in the sun’.  Relish the Barbecue season at Rocky Point Park and a delicious sample of good ol’ fashion homemadeRocky Point Ice Creamery for both you and your pooch. Or swing by another savoury choice, Pajos outdoor fish stand and order fresh fish and chips.  Indoors book a spot overlooking the Burrard Inlet on the patio at the Boathouse. All of the above will leave lasting reminders of a Port Moody summer.
More recent memories to add to your local fun are the summer concert series every Sunday from 1-3 pm.

Tacked on to the live music is a more recent tradition that we scouted out which has become an all time overnight sensation which is RIBFEST.  For those of you not so familiar, Port Moody has joined the Rib Food Truck Competition circuit.  Award winning food trucks: Gator Barbecue, Boss Hog’s, Smoke and Bones, & Prairie Smoke and Spice dazzled the TriCities when they rolled into town July 23rd to 25th for the 2nd annual Port Moody Rib Fest to tantalize the local’s taste buds.  And boy did they smolder, smoke and deliver.From traditional, yummy cornbread and coleslaw to new kettle chips. You were not disappointed.

Pint of beer on a table in a pub garden, copy space, close-up, macro

The trick to the system, was to gain access to the beer garden.  With the fairly new staple across the street from Rocky Point – the brewery row, (See our review of our tour on the local brew pubs) you could sample beer while you waited for your ribs to arrive. The weather, the live music and the ambience were immensely enjoyed.  Four food trucks offered half and full rack options that ranged from $15 to $17.
Nothing but utter deliciousness! Our favourite was the Boss Hogs. (Look it up). We ran into our friends on the trail on our walk around the Burred Inlet. The trails are scenic and it solved the parking challenge at Rocky Point during the summer.  Going GREEN was a good choice.
Boss Hogs
A huge extended warm thank you to all the volunteers and the Port Moody Rotary Club that helped make the 2nd annual Rib Festival a great success.  We can hardly wait for the 3rd annual RibFest to roll into town.  We would be more than happy to host you while you’re here.
Until next time,
Your Host,

Some Cab Franc with Your BC Uncorked Festival Tour?

BC’s Uncorked Wine & Food Festival has come and gone faster than we could begin to absorb. We had the opportunity of hosting a few guests during this time. We took a few hours to experience this awesome biannual event, held at nearby Heritage Mountain Secondary School in Port Moody.

We had the privilege of connecting with great local vendors as well as with one of the owners of Canadian Craft Tours on the way to the event. They were the official transportation for safe driving initiatives that evening around the Tri-Cities .
Canadian Craft Tours offer local tours for groups of local breweries and vineyards for those that are interested. We highly recommend you check into his services & include his tour on your itinerary while you pass through this area.   Let us know in advance so we can help accommodate your tour  plans.
We got to sweep the perimeter of the local eateries and see what wines and spirits pair well with some bite sized sample morsels of deliciousness. A lot of the local vendors seemed to be pulling out all the stops with Meritage and Cab Sav blends. Roses were also quite popular at most locations.
As for the locals that were represented, we had the opportunity to pop by these vintners and sample what they had to offer. We highly recommend you check them out, either on a Canadian Craft Tour of the area and/or by the barbecue this summer for sipping or adding flare to what’s for dinner.

As for what’s local:

Township 7 Vineyards and Winery

Township 7 prides itself on being Old World inspired but nestled in South Langley in the Fraser Valley.  Close to the city but nestled in the foothills of where wine country begins on the westcoast.  For those looking for a solid merlot packed with a punch of spiciness, you will come to expect  the flavors you find from this provider.  Why mess with a good thing right?  Once the science is perfected, it comes down to pulling some friends together and borrowing a patio preferably on a wine tour of this area.


Chaberton Estate Winery

If you’re into white wines, this is your stop.   Local and devoted to fruity notes, this vineyard definitely has the formula down for fulfilling the sweet tooth palate.  Their Siegerrebe 2015 was enjoyed by all as it wasn’t too too sweet but still packed a passion fruit freshness that a quality white can only offer.


Backyard Vineyards

Backyard lives up to their name in every way.  When it’s patio season, that’s where you want to hang out.  And what better way to do it with their sweet complimentary 2014 Riesling or 2013 Nosey Neighbor Red.  Known for their local and international recognition on the flavor front, Backyard has won over 50 medals for a variety of what they have in their backyard.  We highly recommend touring this vineyard if you plan to make a trip to our area.

As patio season heats up, we can almost guarantee you’ll want to reserve your spot in a local wine tour and refresh your palate with something from the Backyard, Chaberton, or Township 7 for a west coast vintage or two.IMG_3629

Please let us know in advance before your arrival to the area if you plan to partake and we can definitely help accommodate the set up of a personalized tour for you and your travel guests.

To connect more on your travel arrival dates and arrangements just send me a quick hello! 604.315.4919 or harbor@mainstayoasis.com

We look forward to enjoying your travel stories soon and we raise our glass of Cab Franc to you.

Bon Voyage!

Mary Ellen and Barry



Red Chair Travels Port Moody

A humble red porch chair has become a traveling icon throughout North America. It began in 2012 in New England featuring RED CHAIR with scenic poses in the background from East to South & now the North Coast. These photos were done by Innkeepers & B&Bs with the intent of focusing on the unique experiences highlighted in cities across America. Bedandbreakfast.com is promoting this project so hop on board and follow the trails of redchairtravels.com

Mainstay Oasis Bed and Breakfast hosted RED CHAIR in December inside our B&B in Port Moody & outside on our water front property. Red Chair Travels Port Moody visited the Arts Centre, Train Sculpture outside City Hall, Port Moody Station Museum, the Moody Bay mudflats.  Time to #ExploreBC.

Photos were taken of the nearby Buntzen Lake Beach, & rainforest trails.

Happiness is Red @ Mainstay Oasis

L’histoire de Maillardville

All Things French in Coquitlam

Around the time that the New Westminster settlement started to grow and become established, the attempts to expand the Port town at Port Moody lessened.  A new community, Maillardville close to New Westminster  sprung into existence. Originally it was settled in 1909 close to the Fraser River for the purpose of starting a sawmill. Francophones from Quebec were commissioned to take the trek across the Rockies to a ‘new home’.  Their reputation for skills in the lumber industry, carpentry and wood related projects were desirable. Close to Port Moody the little ‘French Quarter’ grew to a bustling village made up of primarily French families.  Over time, Maillardville became a significant western hub of French people and culture. The town was named after Father Maillard.

One will find their history archived in the Coquitlam library with:  audio recordings, pictures etc. of the original  Francophone settlers.

Check it out


Today after 105 years the area has a vibrant Arts Centre, ‘Place des Arts’, the Catholic Parish ‘Our Lady of Lourdes’ and  other historic sites. Annual events include the fantastic ‘Festival du Bois’ drawing francophones from far & wide. There are Art shows and more throughout  the year.


For more tourist events around Maillardville, check out the FESTIVAL DU BOIS held annually between February 28- March 2. Other fun features are included through Place des Arts and  French Tours  are available at Maillardville.

à bientôt


Au debut d’establishment de New Westminster, il y avait les gents qui sont arrivé à Columbie Britannique à la rivière pour établissement.   Une nouvelle ville, Mailliardville, a commencé Presque à la même temp de New Westminster. Environ 1909, près de la Rivière de Fraser, un compagnie de bois a commencé à Maillardville. Le compagnie choisissait les familles des villes de Quebec pour le travaille dans la nouvelle ville. Leur expertise au travaille avec du bois, menuiserieet l’autres projets similaire etaient parfait pour ces postes d’emploi. Près de Port Moody, le petit Quartier de Francophone a grandit beaucoup et avait beaucoup de culture francophone pour les gents sur la côte l’ouest.   Le nom ‘Maillardville’ viens de le Pere Maillard, ou le prêtre à l’église originale de region, Notre Dame de Lourdres. Si vous voudriez trouver leur histoire au bibliothèque en Coquitlam, il a les enregistrements audio, les photographes des premieres Francophones en Maillardville. Les histoires sont trouver ici:http://www.library.coquitlam.bc.ca/Audio+Interviews.htmhttp://www.ameriquefrancaise.org/en/article-681/Maillardville,_a_francophone_community_in_British_Columbia.html   Une grande evénement chaque année en Maillardville est s’appele le Festival du Bois et la Fête de la Culture. Il commence a la fin de Fevrièr au debut de Mars.   Aussi on y vas Places Des Arts et les des randonnées de la ville.   Si vous soyez interessant, click sur ici:




A moment for Memorial Day

In honour of all the travelers who join us year round here at Mainstay Oasis Bedand Breakfast for life celebrations, we thought we would take a moment to reflect.

Did you know that Memorial Day that celebrates American veterans was originally called Decoration Day and has resurfaced as a day to remember the men and women who serve around the globe.

For those that need a break and a rest on this fair weekend, the history channel has a commemorative video that summarizes



Year of the Horse: Happy Lunar New Year!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!! Happy Lunar New Year!  Or Spring Festival as many refer to the turning of a new season for the Asian calendar.

Are you ready for the 15 days of celebration? This year, the Year of the Horse, starts on January 31st 2014 and wraps up on Valentine’s Day with action packed two week holiday throughout Asia.

Facts:  Did you know that the Spring Festival in China starts what is called the travel rush period?  Or ‘chunyun’ for many around the world that celebrate this lively celebration.

For this particular celebration, a genre of film is dedicated to the celebration called ‘hesuipian.’

For many this is a time to journey home to spend time with loved ones.  According to the Korea Expressway Corporation, as reported on the CNN, it is estimated that about 30 million people visit their hometowns and the government expects over 3.62 billion journeys to take place during this period.

The colour red plays into a lot of the various customs during this period.  And for those that are celebrating their year, or the Year of the Horse, there are certain things that are recommended and not recommended.

Traditionally, the second day, which is considered the beginning of the year or February 01st, is spent with family.  The 7th day is known for celebrating everyone’s birthday.

Don’t forget these fun events around the lower mainland!!

The Chinese New Year Parade


When?             February 2nd 2014

Where?            Chinatown Vancouver

Millenium Gate on Pender Street

Time?                        Starts at 11 am

Cost?                          Free

International Village Mall


When?                        Various performances and festivities

Where?            Tinseltown Mall

Time?                         Various Start Times

Costs?                         Free

Lunar Fest


When?                       Feburary 7-9

Where?                     Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza

Time?                        11am – 7pm

Cost?                         Free

Dumpling Fest Vancouver 2014

When?                      Friday, February 7 – Sunday , February 9
Where?                    Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza,
Time?                      11:00am~ 7:30pm

Cost?                       Surprise.

Most importantly?  Play it safe and go horse around!  We hope you enjoy everything that our great area has to offer.

Your Host,
Mary Ellen

Loose Leaf Scottish Breakfast Tea Flavour Profile

Loose Leaf Scottish Breakfast Tea Flavour Profile

Contains Caffeine

(Distinctly Tea)

Classic tea regions of Assam, Kenya, Ceylon, Sumatra & China

Scottish breakfast tea—- A tea heavy in Assam,  perfect for making “Builder’s tea”, basically a strong black tea with milk and sugar that was popularized by the working poor, who did not have time for leisurely tea-times. (Of course, these days everyone lives a busy life, so this distinction is purely historical.

Scottish Flavour Profile

Heavy in Assam tea leaves, known from the region where it is produced, the tea is mostly grown at or near sea level.  Known for its full body, briskness, malty flavor, and strong, bright color, it will certainly brighten your day with a touch of fruitiness.

One difference that makes it stand apart is the blend compliments the water in the Scottish areas. As the breakfast has changed over the years, so has the traditional tea blends.  Originally the Scottish, Irish and English Breakfast blends were meant for a very hearty meal.

Instead of pairing it with a full course breakfast, the other option would be to enjoy a pot of Scottish Breakfast in our parlour for a tea party with your close friends.

Intimate with fireplaces, great views of the water and if you book 10 or more people, you take home a complimentary canister of tea.

Tea Party

Book your special Teatime and have a lively, fun occasion with your friends or family!

Contact us by email:   harbor@mainstayoasis.com

or phone:  604-315-4919

Your Host,

~ Mary Ellen