Seal your Holiday with Seal Safety

As most of you may know there is a viral video of the little girl that was grabbed off of a Steveston dock in Richmond as seen in the viral video that is currently circulating the internet.

We have the privilege of owning a kayak and sailboat and are facing the Burrard Inlet. We live symbiotically with the local wildlife. There is a log boom within the Burrard Inlet inhabited by local harbour seals.
Kayaking or sailing close to them brings much enjoyment. They are a part of our landscape & they do sun themselves on our neighbour’s dock. These creatures bring their own fascination. However, as shown in the video they need to be treated with tremendous respect as they are strong mammals and injury can happen on rare occasions.
We highly recommend taking these suggestions into account to continue a respectful distance and admiration for their wonder.  Here are a few tips to practice seal safety:

1) Do not feed harbour seals. They do not need to become reliant on us. They are hunters and they need to learn to gather their meals to remain fit for the wild.
2) Do not stand too close to the edge of a dock as they can lunge & hoist their bodies onto docks.
3) Do not make a lot of sound. You are observing them in their home. You do not need to cause them distress.
4) If someone is mistaken for a fish don’t just record the interaction. Jump in.
5) Don’t wear clothes that make you look like a fish. 😉

Granted some of this may seem straightforward, yet sometimes we get ahead of ourselves. If you want to watch these beautiful local beings at a safe distance, we highly recommend taking a boat tour with Burrard Inlet Boating Tour Packages. This is a great local company that we highly recommend.

If you plan to book an adventure with them, let Mitch know we recommended you.

Enjoy Port Moody and all the fauna & flora it has to offer.

Your Host,

Mary Ellen

Spring’s On!

We have a few things to Spring on You!

So this Spring has come with a bountiful amount of warmth.  Regardless of where you stand on climate change, the welcomed abundance of sun takes out the moodiness from Port Moody and the surrounding areas.

As a result the Wisteria, Rhododendrons and other flowers have perked up a few weeks early.   Blooming and unabashed to show their true colours our foliage is perky as well as thirsty.


The flowers are not the only local sights that are waking up to this warm spell. Seeing as it’s almost May, the local birds are starting their typical spring pair off rituals.  So for those of you wanting to join us here on the waterfront to explore the local estuaries full of both sea and river wildlife, there is plenty waking up to this wonderful season!

Some things to keep in mind on your next visit to the area!

Your Host,

~ Mary Ellen ~

Port Moody Hot Tubbing

Over the Halloween weekend we just got our first snowfall.  Hooray!  Soon it will be bringing in a fresh batch of travelers seeking to enjoy our local mountain resorts at Seymour mountain, Cypress, Grouse Mountain.  We know how lovely it is to be able to relax by the pool during the summer months after a long day of seeing the sights.  So in lieu of a hot weather relax during the cooler months, we thought it would be beneficial to have the option of a hot tub for our guests to relax in upon their return from camping trips and hitting the slopes. Whether it be a trek out into our great outdoors into the liquid sunshine or snow flurries we have a warm place to experience the best of the inlet for those of you who enjoy a good Port Moody Hot Tubbing experience!

This great addition pairs well with our wine and cheese platters that are available with your room booking.  If this is something that interests you, we can have the hot tub and bubbly ready and waiting upon your next visit.  We look forward to your arrival in town.

Your Port Moody Host,

Mary Ellen

Mainstay Hot Tub

Mainstay Hot Tub



Thanksgiving Reflections

From us to you, we wish you a festive fall with our thanksgiving reflections. Whether it’s been finding out that there are grey whales hanging out in English Bay to visiting BC Culture Days throughout the lower mainland you realize that the west coast will forever be full of surprises; something to look forward to and show thanks for. After all, variety is the spice of life.

On that note thankfulness comes in the form of family and friends and catching up with those of you who have spent a portion of your traveling journeys with us. We hope to see you again if you ever do come back to stay along the Burrard Inlet area.

This season we have a very NEW REASON to be thankful! We have our signature cheese platter option available for you that can be ordered and served upon arrival if you know that you’ll be weary and not wanting to venture too far after a long day of travel.

Cheese Platter Poster

Another reason to be thankful?  We have regularly scheduled tea sittings on the following Wednesdays!

For more details check out our Tea Parlour Parties Page!

When? Advanced reservations between 1pm – 3:30pm on weekends as well as on:

October 28th

November 18th

December 16th

December 30th

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?!

Your Host,

Mary Ellen Hagglund


Fall Fun for Everyone

Is it that time yet?  Where we get to pull out the cozy sweaters, go a little over zealous on the colour orange and all things to do with pumpkins? Check out this local fall fun for everyone.  We can’t wait for tea cozy season to get into gear.   For those of you curious as to how to settle into a stay here on the coast but still enjoy the last rays of sunshine before liquid sunshine season begins, here are a few things to check out this fall:

1)   Local Farms

Whether it is to pick apples at a ‘You Pick Location’ or for a hayride, there are lots of local farms that have a ton of activities.  Local corn farms will often have corn mazes that open during this time of the year.   The pumpkin patch is often a winner.

Venturing to leave the kids at home?  Look for mulled ciders and ice wine tastings at local vineyards and tasting rooms.

2)   Local Farmers Markets

If you can’t actually make it all the way to the farm, the next best thing is a farmers market.  Our local farmers markets go all the way through the Winter.   Poirier Farmers Market goes until mid October and Port Moody’s Farmer’s Market starts up in the beginning of November.  For more details about each weekly event visit:

3)   Culture Days

Looking for some local flavours and cultural experiences?  Look no further than Culture Days happening in various locations around BC.  More locally, around the Tri Cities from Friday, September 25th to Sunday September 27th.

Featuring the Burrard Inlet Fishfest at Rocky Point Park as well as Art Exhibits and Artistic Performances throughout Port Moody

For more information check out the details map and tickets to all the main attractions here:

We look forward to pulling out the fleecy robes for our guests, spicing up our tea selections for our high teas and settling into an anticipated cool down for the coastal region.

Your Host,

Mary Ellen

Local Events

There are all sorts of cultural events swirling the wharf in Burrard Inlet this year.  Whether you’re planning for a girls night out or fun for the whole family, Port Moody has something for everyone with the local events.

There are plenty of things to do to celebrate the upcoming BC Day to commemorate the history of Captain Moody along the water ways.  Whether it’s a free swim, a hike around our beautiful area, an outdoor concert or perusing the local farmer’s market, Port Moody is sure to bustle with activity.  For more details on 4 Ways You Can Celebrate BC Day article, check out, your online source for all things Port Moody.

As for gathering up your ladies, it’s time for a night out on the town.  Girls Night Out, presented by the Port Moody Arts Centre, features henna art, local comedians and Bollywood themes including dancing. It is sure to be a blast for you and your group of ladies.  For more details or to reserve tickets visit


Happy Commonwealth Day!!!

Happy Commonwealth Day!!!
We at Mainstay Oasis Port Moody B&B are shouting out our celebration of this day. We reside in British Columbia, Canada, a member of the commonwealth.
Did you know that in total 2.2 billion people comprise the commonwealth.  That’s roughly 25% of the world’s entire population.
Canada is part of one of the 16 Commonwealth Realms meaning that the Queen of England reigns over these 16 nations as a common figure head.
Canada is where the first Commonwealth Games were held in 1930, in Hamilton Ontario.
Did you know?
The Governor General is an appointed head of state that oversees the Canadian Federal Parliament on behalf of the the Queen of England.
Invitation to Mainstay Oasis High Tea in Port Moody:
You’re invited to experience a British High Tea with traditional scones, savoury dainties, British cheeses and so much more. For parties of 10 or more, ask about specials, fixed menu options and any special dietary requests. 3-or more days are required in advance for reservations. Come enjoy this piece of British Tea Time!
Thank the Commonwealth for this lovely tradition.

Local February Events: For the love of art & memories

Port Moody is great and with local February events around the corner what’s more to love besides our ‘babymoon’ specials. We recognize that babies are not the only reason why people stay with us.

We also have Packages for Art Lovers out there. We are renowned as the ‘City of the Arts’. People come from far and wide for art and history curating in our area.  We’ve had a railway history curator stay with us in the past for a monumental commemoration of Port Moody’s past 100 years.   We love the stories that become collected  and guests find Port Moody’s recently published; Tracks in Time well written, well documented with photos and historical information.  It is for sale at Pomo Library or Pomo Railway Museum.
A few big events coming up in February include the Wearable Art Exhibit Saturday February 21-22 at the Port Moody City Hall. Over 7,500$ will be awarded to entrants in various categories.  It’s also a means to show off the talent we have here in Port Moody.
There are many artistic possibilities at the Evergreen Center & Place des Arts to book.
For details on events check out the Port Moody Happenings Calendar & ask us about what else is happening around Coquitlam.  If you’re coming to our city while these Arts events are happening, book your overnight stay with Mainstay Oasis B&B. Show proof of ticket purchase for related events and we’ll offer you a 15% off your stay as well.
It would be really fun to have a High Tea in Port Moody is sure to be a party to express your love for our city and all the artistic expressions we have to offer, The Art Gallery, Blackberry Gift Shop, Designs by Joye, Vivio Floral Gallery.  If you book a party for a birthday, or baby shower, farewell or no particular occasion necessary for over 10 or more people in February we offer you a complimentary professionally produced Souvenir Book. It’s a 30$ value.   Post cards come with the book and can then be sent to those who love just ol’ fashioned snail mail for the personal touch to someone who needs a good cheer up!
Happy Journeys,
Mary Ellen

Baby Moon: Love is in the Air

We meet a variety of guests coming and going who have unique stories to tell at the breakfast table.  Their life experiences are remarkable and the ability to share even in a morsel is a treat for us.  Especially when it comes to a baby moon.


Everyone Loves Savings

One particular story stands out this year.  We’ve seen a rise in ‘baby moons’.  For Vancouver couples who couldn’t actually travel too far, booked at The Mainstay Oasis for a variety of reasons;  use of the ocean front pool during the hot temperatures, close to (30-40 min.) Vancouver, quiet near amazing beaches, lakes and hiking trails.
They were delightful to connect with. One couple specifically came within week(s) prior to welcoming their first child.  She was sooo… ready to have the baby and her spouse was just brimming with anticipation.
‘Couple time’ right before baby is born is like a little ‘staycation’.  We truly recommend this for anyone in the Lower Mainland that is looking for a unique little getaway gem, nestled on the East side of Vancouver.  


If you need a local Vancouver baby moon throughout the month of February 2015, we will offer you 15% on your stay subject to availability.

2014 PoMo Fest

Port Moody has been known as the city of the arts for over a decade and for good reason.  The local community understands the need to preserve local culture through the arts.  And it looks like quite a bit will be happening in the next little while for local artisans and musicians.  Get ready for the 2014 PoMo Fest from February 20th to the 23rd.

Thursday, February 20th features Jacob Gebrewold a 2013 Vancouver Youth Poetry Grand Slam Champion.

Friday, February 21st features a world jazz performance by Kristian Alexandrov Trio featuring Shannon Gaye and Jens Lindemann.

Saturday, February 22nd It’s time to listen.

A World of Percussion and Rhythms will be performing drawing the musicians from Douglas and Kwantlen College.

Digital Guise performs for an Electronic Orchestra Family Night.

Sunday, February 23rd

Tea and scones, which seems to be a growing Port Moody tradition, will be served during a classical music afternoon.

Steps on the Road of World Cultures:

Cultural Fusion and Dance Performance with Silk Road Music & Wen Wei Wang followed by a Festival Wrap Party Reception.

For tickets and so much more on exhibits and what’s happening around town, during this fun filled weekend visit

If you have friends and family that happen to be traveling from out of town that week, let us know.  We will gladly provide accommodations.

Also, just around the corner in Milliardville the 25th Annual Anniversary of the Festival du Bois is happening.  For more details about those fun events visit:

Your Port Moody Bed and Breakfast Host,

Mary Ellen